History of table and chair production

In the modern world, various types of equipment are used in different fields to provide peace and comfort to people. The facilities that exist in the communities now are not comparable to those of a few decades ago, and veterans of the market can touch these differences better and more.

Sometimes it is better to have an overview of the appearance of the devices that you use constantly. In your opinion, at what point in history were tables and chairs introduced that are now available in the market with this variety? In this article, we try to introduce you to the history of table and chair production.

All kinds of electroplating hall and restaurant chairs

All kinds of electroplating hall and restaurant chairs

Reasons for using tables and chairs

First of all, we want to check the reason for using these devices. By reviewing the pages of history, it is clear that people with specific goals have used these equipments in a part of the globe, which of course has become a matter of course these days.

In some places, the table was used for placing heavy objects, drawing, eating, decorating, etc. All these applications did not happen at the same time or in a certain region, but were gradually designed and used in different empires. Maybe now the subject of the history of table and chair production is very interesting for you.

Getting to know the history of tables and chairs

Throughout history, various types of tables and chairs have been used in different countries, and we would like to mention some of them in this context. According to the available documents, an exact time cannot be determined for the appearance of these devices and their use.

In this way, we will have a glimpse of some countries and what caused the promotion of different table and chair materials to face this high variety.


One of the countries that always has something to say in history is Egypt. About 2500 years before Christ in ancient Egypt, the table was used to hold heavy objects. For this reason, according to the documents, the table had appeared before the chair, and of course it had a different function than today.


Another region where the history of using tables and chairs was also started is China. The main purpose of these people in inventing this device was to create works of art that were created by painting and writing. In famous books such as the Masnavi Mawani of Rumi, the painting industry of this country is mentioned, which refers to this issue with the Chinese craftsman.

For example, the painting competition between the Romans and the Chinese is given, and in that part, the skill of the people of this country in painting is mentioned. In this way, in reviewing the history of table and chair production, the history of this country must also be reviewed.

Greece and Rome

Certainly, the Greeks and Romans also have a great contribution in history, and perhaps you are also aware of the talent and genius of the people of these regions in history. In these areas, the use of tables and chairs is mostly mentioned for eating and one can imagine something like a dining room. All kinds of hall tables and chairs can be attributed to this part of history. Of course, it should be noted that this tool was used by the nobles, and at the base of the tables, an emblem or legendary characters were often carved. Common materials include wood, silver and bronze.

Production of new tables and chairs

With the advancement of technology, the ideas that emerged several hundred years ago are designed and produced by specialists with special designs and different applications. Undoubtedly, the variety of these products in today’s market is so high that every person with any taste can make a worthy choice. By reviewing the history of table and chair production, we tried to make you understand that these products were used in the past. These days, restaurant tables and chairs have become one of the important and basic equipments in this industry, which should be chosen according to the type of decoration. At Anahel Hall Equipment Company, we are trying to provide valuable services to our dear compatriots by producing restaurant tables and chairs and hall equipment. You can contact us with the phone numbers listed on the site and get the highest quality products.


Undoubtedly, in addition to work, different types of tables and chairs play an essential role in the decoration of different environments in today’s world. In this article, we made a brief reference to the history of table and chair production to introduce you to its appearance and its various uses. To get information about hall equipment, you can visit the main page of our site and if you wish, you can order your favorite products.